Trading Web App

Aplicatie web de management pentru trading de minuteWeb management application for voice traders

Our Company began the design of a web management application as a solution for the voice minute trading sector, at first due to internal necessities, and then to be available to other traders too. Because we have strong knowledge of everything related to voice minute trading, we created a solid management solution in which we included the answers to all technical issues our company encouintered in this segment of business.

All the software used in designing out web tool solution is opensource and/or freeware and that implies flexibility, scalability and also low acquisition costs for your company.

Our solution includes and is not limited to:

  • Information management for terminating and originating operators – contact info, ip list for firewall allow, timezone, currency, originating and terminating tech-prefixes, routing group membership or individual routing;
  • Route management – simultaneous addition of multiple routes, multiple edit of defined routes, rates and routes csv file upload for both originating and terminating routes;
  • Statistics – ASR(average service ratio) and ACD(average call duration) – grouped by incoming or outgoing operators or by route name, real-time active calls, routing logs view;
  • LCR management – list cost routing, both by group or individually, with a system for weigths, priorities, capacities, status or fallback;
  • Destination management – add, edit or delete call destinations;
  • Prefix management – add, edit or delete call destination prefixes;
  • Invoice generation;
  • CDR generation(call detailed records) and traffic summaries.